6 reasons why you really really should come to the Brick Lane Anthology launch party tonight and a picture of said anthology.

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1. There’s nothing on T.V. I’m serious, I just checked. Well apart from maybe Callum Best’s ‘Brought up by Booze’, which in no way is desperate attempt to stay in the public eye and make money out of his father’s death under the guise of charity. 

2. I shall be sporting my new bowler hat.  It has an ‘N’ on it and I like it very much. I like to think that in it I give off a Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink type of vibe. The harsh reality is more Stan Laurel in Another Fine Mess.

3. Beigel inspired canapes. Yup you heard right.  Delightfully Doughy little sweet magic O’s of goodness. Watch me unceremoniously pick bread out of my teeth and leave red lipstick marks all over its whiteness.

4. Get down with the kids on Britain’s coolest street. Laugh as flocks of tight jeaned, fake oversized NHS spec wearing American Apparel loving St.Martins grads scamper by drinking Polish vodka from Londis’ carrier bags. 

5. The public house we’ll escape to after is but a  2 minute stumble away, where I believe they serve ‘beer’, ‘sprits’ and ‘wine’. 

6.Oh and the book. An anthology of short stories, poetry  and amusings from the wonderfully talented Brick Lane Tuesday Night Critique Group. Come down and meet the authors, we are a wonderfully diverse motley crew…  

Mr Woolf explains it far more eloquently than I do :

6. And if you still need convincing. Always, always remember the power of the beigel. 

East Side Books, Brick Lane . 8pm.


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