A quick Opium fix for my friends…

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Opium Magazine’s iphone bid to revolutionise reading & cause light wrist injuries.

For those of you uninitiated in Opium. Where the hell have you been?

I am of course referring to the New York based journal of literary humour and not you understand, the illegal plant based narco. 

Today the clever guys across at Brookyln’s HQ officially launch Opium Magazine’s brand spanking new iphone application, Opium’s QuickFix with Jiggle Technology, available at the iTunes store for just $1.99!  

Not only does it give you an exclusive story each week penned by the talented Opium collective it also  gives access to’s archives, by doing the aforementioned wrist jiggling thing (imagine yourself  trying to free some coagulated ketchup from a bottle, only with an iphone and not an actual ketchup bottle.)

They’ve also roped in the humour writer Jack Handey of Deep Thoughts fame  who is penning a story exclusively for the launch. If that hasn’t got you hovering your cursor over this link where you can buy the application then quite frankly I give up…

*Disclaimer. The actual reading of Opium magazine may well induce the same altered state of consciousness and psychological dependency as the drug, however its a lot healthier and cheaper than Opiate addiction.

**  In recent focus groups for the testing for the app, ‘enjoyment of literature rates’ soared by 221%, whilst ‘literacy-based wrist injuries’ were reported by 21% of the testers. But don’t let that put you off, there are worse things you could be doing with your wrists. 

Buy it here:

Learn about Opium Magazine here:


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