About The Fall Girl

Nicki Le Masurier grew up in Plymouth, Devon. At eighteen she moved to London with a twenty-pound note in her back pocket and a jar of Nutella.

Nicki found work at Camden Market and got herself a job selling fake moustaches and fairy wings to tourists. She became lead singer of maudlin indie band ‘The Charm Offensive’ and performed on the same stage as The Clash, albeit twenty-five years later.

Nicki completed an MA in Performance Studies from the Central School of Speech & Drama, whilst working evenings at a Taxi rank, supplying VIP cars to VIP clients. She got fired after having an argument with Harold Pinter, who called her an idiot, whilst impatiently waiting on his car.

Nicki fell into the murky world of media, and has worked on Smash Hits! Just Seventeen, Sneak, More! Nintendo, Dazed & Confused, Another, Another Man and i-D, where she resided for three years as the Advertising Director. Five out of those nine titles has since ceased publication. This has nothing to do with Nicki Le Masurier.

Nicki Le Masurier has completed her first work of fiction based on her turbulent twenties and the sleazy world of magazine publishing and has a cunning plan.


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